Fred's Food Pantry

Providing Essentials and Support for Those In Need

Fred's Pantry, administrated by Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill, is a critically needed support system to alleviate the hunger of our children, seniors and families and to prevent additional families from falling into homelessness due to their inability to pay rent or mortgages while providing food for their children. Extremely high housing costs leave many without sufficient monies for weekly food needs. We provide emergency food, health and housing retention assistance and self-sufficiency tools to the community’s most needy population through food provisions, health screenings, nutrition and budgeting training as well as legal trainings via our choice food pantry located in downtown Peekskill, the only one in existence in the Northern Westchester area. Westchester County has one of the highest costs of living in the nation. Through our food pantry, children and adults are provided the nutrition they need to nourish their brain and body so that they can attend and actively participate in school and work tasks.

Since opening in 2010, Fred’s Pantry has served more than 13,000 families, 37,200 individuals and 2,452 seniors and provided over 30,630 meals. The need for food has continued to increase, with a 5% increase in families support needs year to year. Without our food pantry, these families would be forced to allocate the money that they might need for housing, to their food needs, and many would fall victim to homelessness, a direct correlative to disintegration of family units. Fred’s Pantry directly assists families in their fight to obtain, and retain, self-sufficiency.

Our food pantry thus enriches communities by filling an immediate food need but also sustains the vibrancy of communities in the longer term by assisting persons to remain in the community and to give back to the community. Fred’s Pantry was the chosen recipient for Westchester’s 2012 Hunger Heroes Provider Award.

More Information?

We are in need of volunteers to make the Pantry process run smoothly. The Pantry is open every Saturday morning and is located at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (137 N. Division Street, Peekskill, NY). Please call CHOP at 914-736-2636 to learn more about how you can help!