Kids Care

Caring for God's Children

Kids Care Projects

St. Peter's Kids Care completed two projects this year:

1. They created valentines for the clients of Fred's Food Pantry with messages of God's love in three languages; English, Spanish and French.
2. They created a menu and then prepared, delivered and served lunch to the residents of Jan Peek homeless shelter in Peekskill.

Both of these projects confirmed the teaching of the commandment to "Love one another as God loves us."

Kids Care for Our Community

In keeping with the purpose of Kids Care, the members will also continue to serve our community on a quarterly basis:

1. They will host/volunteer at a blood drive for the American Red Cross in honor of Black History month and Martin Luther King Jr.'s mission of giving back.
2. They will organize a "Mother's Day" celebration in May to honor the women of St. Peter's.
3. They will organize a "Back to School" supply drive to be given out to families who utilize the food pantry.
4. They will create "Holiday Care" packages for residents of either Jan Peek, The VA Hospital, or Fred's Food Pantry.

Kristina Wilkens-Chairman