About Our Liturgies

Our 8:00 AM Sunday Eucharist

Our Sunday 8:00 a.m. service is a Eucharist using traditional language (Rite I -- "thee and thou").  You can find the text of the service by clicking here.  There is a short sermon, but no music or elaborate ceremonial. The service usually lasts about 40 minutes. 

The words we say in this service come from our earliest origins in the Church of England's worship in the 1600s.  They have had a big influence on the English language and have a poetry that is sometimes lacking in more modern ways of speaking and writing.

The small, close-knit group of regular attendees is friendly and welcoming.  Many are the "fathers" and "mothers" of the parish who are always happy to share their experiences of St Peter's through the years.

The quiet, meditative quality of this service makes it a good opportunity to meet God at your own pace.  A peaceful start to your Sunday can help to balance the hectic pace that can be all too common in weekend life.


Our 10:00 AM Sunday Eucharist

Our Sunday 10:00 a.m. service is a Eucharist using modern language (Rite II).  You can find the text of the service by clicking here.  It has hymns and other music, a choir, sermon, bells and (sometimes) incense, and is usually the service in which the parish's special occasions -- for instance, baptisms -- happen.

Our congregation comes from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and worship styles.  Some people stand to pray and others kneel.  Some people show reverence by making the sign of the cross, others don't.  Everyone is encouraged to join in the singing and
spoken responses, but those who prefer to worship more quietly are equally welcome.

Sunday School and other care for young children are available during the 10:00 service, but children are also welcome to stay in church and there are usually some who do. 

This service engages the worshipper in as many ways as possible to bring him or her into the presence of God.  It is spiritual refreshment for life's journey.